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Realtors, marketing pros & tech gurus. Forge strong connections with your target demographic & multicultural audience. Rely on our expertise for unbeatable Real Estate marketing success.

We are a collaborative team of realtors, marketing specialists and tech gurus bringing expert knowledge, trusted experience and a unique approach to help you reach the Chinese-speaking target demographic.

We are innovators, empowered with a future-focused vision and technology. We deliver exceptional Real Estate service by connecting the industry through our combined knowledge in Realty, Marketing and Technology.

YouLive Realty provides dedicated real estate service to our clients, from buying, selling, marketing and presenting. Our reputable team has an excellent track record and rapport with our clients for over a decade.

YouLive Marketing provides marketing service to developers throughout BC and the western US, from market analytics, multi-culture strategic planning, technology development, and industry experience. We create strong marketing campaigns that make an impact on the bottom line.

YouLive Technology provides in-depth market intelligence, connecting consumers and developers seamlessly.

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Vancouver’s premier real estate development collaborators – partnering with top industry teams, delivering unrivaled excellence in every project.

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